The Week Ahead

The study of Proverbs will come to a close this week.

Below are some questions for reflection.

Proverbs 31
* What does Lemuel’s mother warn against? How can you warn children and grand-children about the dangers of companions who are immoral? What is the character of a good wife? How has the study of Proverbs helped you experience wisdom in your daily living?

As summer break approaches, I plan to change up the pace. I’ll be posting more sparingly throughout the summer but be back to the regular routine in September.

I’ll be keeping up with all your wonderful posts throughout the summer. In the meantime, below is the updated index of devotionals for your own use or perhaps to pass along to someone else as a Bible Study Plan or Guide.


Believe that God has a great plan for you.

Victory starts by having a plan. By accepting God’s plan for us, all we need to do is follow and believe He will provide the power. He will give the upper hand to make what seems impossible possible.


*Adeney, Carol. This Morning with God: A Daily Study Guide to the Entire Bible. Downers Grove, IL: InterVarsity, 1978. Print.


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