Warnings from Mom

Reading in Proverbs 31, Lemuel’s mother warns against the things of this world that can destroy. Things like relationships with those who do not have your best interest in mind and bad habits like drinking that can ruin your life and those around you. Some believe the mother in this passage is King Solomon’s mother yet this has never been proven. Nonetheless, she is teaching her son who would be a future king about God’s word and to follow the instructions found in His word.

This passage not only gives advice about the dangers of immoral companions but also explains the benefits of a good wife to her husband. That she works hard for her husband, her children, and for the needy. That she gives unconditional love and is of great value to a family.

Wives work vigorously to make sure the family has food on the table. Clothed with strength and dignity; they speak with faithful instruction and watch over the affairs of the household. They work hard and like the story below, some may have to put up with husband problems.

*A wife called her husband after hearing on the news about a driver going the wrong way on the interstate. She knew her husband would be traveling along this interstate and wanted to warn him. Her husband answered her call … telling her that he had seen many cars going the wrong way but so far they had been pulling over to the side of the road. The wife told him to turn around and get going in the right direction.

Husbands are blessed, children are blessed, and all who are around are blessed because of good wives and mothers. We should give them the reward they deserve not only on Mother’s Day but on all days of the year.

Lord, this day we are thankful for this opportunity to study Proverbs. Today finishes this study and we are thankful for the advice You have given through Your word. We are wiser because of this study and we have been given advice that we can apply in our daily living. Amen.


*Nicholes, Lou. “What King Lemuel’s Mother Taught Him.” Commentary » Proverbs 31:1-Proverbs 31:9 » Family-Times.net, www.family-times.net/commentary/what-king-lemuels-mother-taught-him/.
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