Direction for Dreams

This poem was written to give direction to the dreams God has given you.

Step Ahead

Know the role to play
To best help the team
With a clear picture
To fulfill the dream.

Paint a clear picture
Within the mind
Of your current life
And what God has designed.

For He will give you
Wonderful dreams
With empowerment
To do what He deems.

Establish your values
Prior to the decision
And map each step
With perfect precision.

Know the priorities,
Take action with passion
And with a purpose
In orderly fashion.

Poem by Mark Shields – © 05-10-2018

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2 Responses to Direction for Dreams

  1. mabellgibbs says:

    Even with the awesome power of the SON shining every day within, it seems that it is hard to see or know anything going on in my life right now. Could it be that I have listened and watched to long until what I thought was a vision has dissipated into a figment of a vain imagination. All I can do is call upon the Resurrected Mind of Christ to be also in me for directions step by step.


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