From Ordinary to Extraordinary

Agur is writer of Proverbs 30 and seems to be a simple ordinary man who is never mentioned anywhere else in scripture. God still uses ordinary people to do His work because it is not in their own power but through His power that the impossible is made possible.

Like an eagle in the sky, a mighty lion among beasts, or a servant who becomes king; God has made each of us for a purpose. We can know what purpose God has for us by spending time with Him in His word. The ONE who can gather up the wind in His hand or wrap the waters in His cloak will make what seems impossible … possible in our life if we get in tune with Him by beginning each day in His word and in prayer.

Unfortunately, we live in a society that is always unsatisfied and always wants more. A society that is full of material gain, pride and anger. These qualities can never make the amazing possible but committed followers of Christ can because they are satisfied with what they have and who God has made them to be.

Humble servants for the purposes of God can make the impossible possible because the Creator can take what is ordinary and turn it into something extraordinary. By following the Way, everything falls into to place. Then as we look back on the amazing past, we are inspired to continue to walk the path towards an amazing future and accomplish what was thought to be impossible for God’s glory.

This day with You God, we are thankful for Your gift of Jesus. Because of believing in the sacrifice of Christ on the cross, there is a power that eliminates any doubt. We have direct communication with You through prayer and are no longer limited but set free to be all we can be. Amen.


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