Lighten the Load

Some thoughts after studying Proverbs 29 are that negative character qualities like not listening to advice, pride, and dishonesty adds weight on the shoulders of individuals and societies. On the other hand, following Biblical principles produces a society of people ready to flourish.

Holding others to account or giving discipline may produce a short term unpleasant time but in the long run, it sets up potential for a brighter future. Therefore, let us always seek the approval of God first.

His principles never change so let us work together to understand them and apply them in our life. We may need to look at our daily routine so we can analyze what is holding us back. We may need to cut out bad habits and make adjustments in our life in order to tweak and get in sync with God.

This day with You Lord, we are thankful for discipline gained through reading Your Word and we give praise to You. We pray for direction each day. We may fall short at times but by accepting You in our hearts, our load is lighter and we have greater power. We don’t have to repress our past but simply confess our past and You will transform us because of Your amazing grace. The process has begun and we are taking in Your instructions day by day and stepping ahead on our walk with You. Amen.

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