Victory Rest with the Lord

Reading in Proverbs 21, the themes of these proverbs is that the Lord is our strength and shield. He’s in control and victories rest with Him. Let us use the principles of His Word and apply them in our life for they are like tools given to us. Let us maintain and sharpen them for the challenges ahead.

Today, I’m remembering the tragic mass shooting in Las Vegas back in October. The shooter planned this for a long time. His aim was destruction. He destroyed many lives that night in Las Vegas. The question is why? Why didn’t he aim for something of meaning to build up lives rather than kill and destroy? The answer my friends is the difference between a righteous person and an evil person. The killer was a person who gambled, who sought prostitutes, who only built up wealth for his own personal gratification.

The future of a righteous person is one of purpose, of meaning, and one that looks to a bright future of doing God’s will; to be fruitful and multiply. A future that helps others toward a better life rather than the destruction of lives. On the other hand, the future of an evil person leads to a meaningless future that blocks any progress.

Help us Lord today to accept that changes are constantly needed in our life. There are issues we continue to face in our human condition. Even though we’ve accepted Your Son and have become righteous in Your eyes, we struggle to live a life of meaning. Things hold us back because we doubt Your power. Help us today to put our attention on You. Help us to take initiative in making the needed changes. You are big enough to handle the challenges we face and build our lives with a meaningful purpose. Amen.


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