The Power Like a Strong Tower

Explained in reading Proverbs 18 is that the unfriendly that start quarrels. The speech of fools brings on difficulty but being positive in what you say satisfies the soul. Your words have so much power and keeping the name of the Lord has the power like a strong tower to shelter during the storm.

During weakness, He gives courage to face your fears. When the storms of life rage, He gets you above the flood and shelters from the wind. His mercy is so powerful that it breaks all the chains that hold you captive and is the key to set you free.

When I was growing up, my dad was a coach and a player from his team went on to be a star running back at the University of Texas. Over the years, we would go to games in Austin and I remember one time when the team was number one in the nation. They lit the tower on campus orange and left the lights in certain offices so that it lit up the number one like the photo below.

Image Source

We can be thankful because when God is our number ONE, our life will be victorious and we will be an example of a champion that encourages others. 

This day with You Lord, I’m thankful that Your name is my strong tower. If today turns out to be a difficult day, I know your strength is available. Lord, Your mercy sets me free so that I can escape to the high ground. My words will be positive words. Not words that tear apart and bring on more difficulty but words that will encourage, show affection, and satisfy the soul. Amen.


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  1. oldpoet56 says:

    Very good article, I enjoyed the read so I am going to reblog it for you.


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