Desire the Ways of Wisdom

Presented to us in the passage Proverbs 8 is that wisdom is offered to everyone but only appeals to those who have a desire for prudence, truth, discretion, and insight. To gain wisdom, there must be a plan for gaining wisdom; the will, the desire, and the discipline to follow through with the plan.

What God gives in Proverbs are instructions for gaining wisdom but we must be intentional about reading and applying what we learn. Most good things in life don’t happen magically or suddenly but are a result of a desire; a commitment to see things through until they are accomplished.

We need wisdom for the challenges we face and if the things of God are our treasure then we have all we need. The wisdom gained builds momentum which leads to more passion to invest in others as we make this wisdom of God known to them.

Desire wisdom’s instruction more than silver and her knowledge more than gold. Nothing you desire can compare with her for she is more precious than rubies. Accumulate this treasure and receive the benefit provided.

This day with You Lord, we worship Your Holy name. Your Word teaches us how valuable wisdom is in our life. Help us to be intentional in reading Your Word on a daily basis and applying Your instructions in life. Give us the desire to invest in others and share with them about the unseen, the eternal, and the supernatural. In Jesus name. Amen.

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