Power to Build an Amazing Day

As pointed out in Romans 15:1-13, accepting one another just as Christ accepted us in order to praise God should characterize our Christian relationships with each other. Other characteristics include pleasing others for their good and building them up.

Those strong in faith have an obligation to the weak and should help them find ways to make their faith stronger. If there are minor differences, accept and help one another. Use each other’s differences as a way to create a greater strength.

Everything we go through in life and everything written in the Scriptures teach and encourage us. Difficulties teach endurance, scriptures encourage, and hope overflows by the power of the Holy Spirit to build momentum.

The source of our joy and peace is God by the power of the Holy Spirit. Each day, we can share about why yesterday was wonderful, why this day will be amazing, and why tomorrow will be incredible.

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This day with You God, one thing is for sure and creates true joy for the future; accepting Christ as Savior assures us of victory. The negative past is washed away, the joy of the present is highlighted, and the future is brighter each and every day. Because of our optimism, we will benefit by not only having a positive outlook but will have a lasting positive influence on others. Amen. 🙂

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