Released from the Law but Bound to Christ

In Romans 7:1-6, Paul uses the institution of marriage to explain the Christian’s relationship to the law. If one spouse physically dies, they are no longer bound to each other and the spouse that remains alive is released from the marriage and allowed to marry someone else.

In a similar way, Paul explains that we are released from the old written code but bound to Christ and given a new way in the Spirit. This allows us to better apply our faith and do some amazing things together. Each day can be an adventure as we learn from each other and work towards what God wants us to be. 

Therefore, let us move forward with excitement and live each day to the fullest. Let us marvel at the sunrise and the sunset, the flowers blooming, the birds singing, and the children growing. Let us step ahead with the power of the Spirit giving unlimited power for each hour, delight for each day, and a future filled with hope.

God is with us and it’s exciting to think about what He’s going to do in the future. With God, we can get through anything as we patiently get through difficulties and as we celebrate the victory we will always have through Christ.

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This day with You Lord, we have a choice at how we look at our jobs and our responsibilities. We can make excuses or we can be a part of making an impact in our world.  We want to savor each moment as if soaking in the warmth of a sunny day. Opportunities to do great things are right in front of us so we pray that we give You our best. Help us to understand that any difficulties we face will only provide the resistance needed for strength and endurance to build a victorious life. Inspire us to live out loud as we pray, listen for instructions, and get things done today. In Jesus name. Amen

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