Riches of the Soul

In Romans 2:1-11, Paul explains that we should wish for the riches of God’s kindness, tolerance, and patience to help us change for the better. God repays each person according to what they have done (v. 6) so more important than climbing the career ladder or building up a retirement account is persistently giving to God’s eternal account which includes the internal riches of the soul like faith, hope, and love.

In this passage, Paul is accusing the Jews of passing judgment on others for doing certain things, yet doing what they accuse others of doing. He asked them questions to clarify their position and their reasons for their faith in God.

This passage is dealing with God’s judgment. Throughout the Bible we find that judgment is according to our works, while salvation is by faith. Paul is not discussing how a person is saved, but how they will be judged: “according to his deeds” (v. 6).*

To change for the better, one idea we can try is to put God’s Word into practice by evaluating our life and determining the changes that need to be made. We can determine what our priorities are and study how we use our time. We can evaluate if the proper amount of time is set aside for our highest priorities. We can also take a look at our values and if our daily tasks match up with our values.

This day with You Lord, help us to persevere and finish strong. We want to hear these words when we cross from this life to the eternal one with You, “Well done my faithful servant”.  What You give to us is a plan for life and it is a treasure. The more we lose ourselves in this plan, the more passion we have to carry it out. Thank You for today’s passage that gave us some ideas as we continue to step ahead in life.

*Nicholes, Lou. “God’s Indictment of All Hypocrites.” Commentary » Romans 2:11 »
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