Seeing is Believing

Moses was told by God as explained in Exodus 34  to chisel out two stone tablets and prepare to come up to Mount Sinai. Moses’ immediate reaction was to do as God instructed so he chiseled out two stone tablets and went up on Mount Sinai early in the morning (v. 4).

The attitude of Moses before the Lord this second time on the mountain was one of humility because he now understood how disrespectful the people had been toward the Lord upon his first return from the mountain when he found them worshipping the golden calf. Since Moses was humble before the Lord, a covenant was made.

There would be terms to the covenant. They would need to obey the Lord’s commands, worship the One True God, and not worship idols. They would need to keep the Sabbath as a day to worship; to rest the mind and body. The Lord would require the people to fulfill their duties.

Illustrated to us in this passage is the character of God which is compassionate and gracious; slow to anger, abounding in love and faithfulness (v. 6). The covenant God made would allow the people to witness what seemed impossible becoming possible so the people would see and believe.

When Moses returned from the mountain with the Ten Commandments this second time, the people were not worshiping a golden calf or any other idol. The face of Moses radiated with the glory of God and the people respected Moses as their leader.

As we go about our daily activities, we should also be prepared to meet God for instructions in how to live. When we spend time with God, it will show in our face just like it did with Moses. People will be aware and want what we have.

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This day with You Lord, we meet with You again for instructions just like Moses did. We are ready to carry out your approved plans today. We are confident in your plans and can dream big for a bright future. By trusting and obeying, we will see your great wonders and believe that the future possibilities are unlimited. Amen.

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