Regular Habit

We have read in a previous passage that Moses returned from the mountain after meeting with God and the people were worshiping a golden calf. God was so angry that He wanted to destroy the people but Moses prayed for them and God spared them. Their lives were spared but God would no longer be with them. Instead, He would send an angel to help as they continued to the Promised Land.

Even though the relationship between God and the people was strained, the relationship which existed between Moses and God as described in Exodus 33 is one that was friendly. The regular habit of Moses was to go to a tent set up away from the camp to meet with God. Joshua would go with him. He would meet God there as we are told that a pillar of cloud would be at the entrance of the tent (v. 9).

Just like Moses, we should be intentional about our relationship with God. We should constantly feed our soul with God’s Word and plan out each day by doing what is most important. When we ask for God’s help to fulfill our purpose, just one small step forward starts a journey that gets us further than we ever thought we could go.

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This day with You Lord, we have read about Moses who allowed You come into his life at the age of eighty. At whatever age, we can also turn aside and let You use us for a great purpose. This day can be amazing because we are getting ready for the challenges ahead. We come to the ONE who created it all and are passionately stirring each other up to boldly step ahead. Amen.

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