Responsible To Each Other

Within Exodus 22:16-31 are various laws that keep people in a society responsible to each other. We are to respect and know that all people have value in God’s eye including widows, the oppressed, the poor, and the fatherless. The attitude towards those in need illustrates the mercy and compassion of our ONE true God.

Think of what you give to God in your time and financial resources. Then think about priorities. They should match so that we are committed to love each other in the same way that God loves us. We are to be responsible and have quality relationships. If we love and serve God, we will also love His people and be focused on what is good for them.

We can put God first in the future by studying how Jesus lived on earth and by knowing our purpose; what God wants from us. For where our treasure is, so is our heart. If we give our treasure to God, He can take it to the limit. Our treasure includes not only our money but also our time, our strengths, and expertise in certain areas.

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This day with You Lord, help us to see You in all that we do. We may see You in a song, in a prayer, or another blog post where we get a clearer picture of Christ. Help us to apply what we see in our daily life. Also, help us to encourage others going through difficult times. Amen.


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