The Promise Of The Spirit

The motives of the false teachers as explained in Galatians 6:11-18 were to gain more followers in their belief that human achievement is the better way rather than giving God the glory. They wanted the Galatians to keep part of the law but at the same time failing to keep another part of the law themselves.

Instead of circumcision, Paul bared the mark of Jesus on his body. He became a new creation by being crucified with Christ. We do the same by accepting Christ as Savior who died on the Cross and receive the Holy Spirit that lives inside. We step ahead with the Spirit in all that we do.

The Gospel of Christ changes our daily living because there is optimism. Even in the mundane tasks of some days, we can be optimistic because we can have faith that God is with us to make changes for the better. We receive the promise of the Spirit which provides a great future of unity, freedom, power, and victory.

God made more stars than we can count and He can bless us with joys more numerous than the stars. He can make a diamond out of dust so just think about the vast numbers of diamonds He can make from all of His people working together. Each morning, we have a fresh start and a chance to be freed from the pessimism we may have had because we can use the unlimited power, amazing grace, and unquenchable love of God.

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This day with You Lord, we have freedom because of accepting Christ as Savior. We are free from things like fear, weakness, and doubt. We have received the promise of the Spirit with a great future of unity, peace, enthusiasm, power and victory. Amen.

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