Notes to Your Younger Self

The Lord gave Israel all the land He had sworn to give their ancestors, and they took possession of it and settled there. – Joshua 21:43 

As brought out in the post “Follow Instructions”, God is continually requiring His people to follow instructions and when they follow, He is faithful to fulfill His promises just as in the scripture at the top of this post.

As His people, we sometimes get complacent and instead of continually seeking His excellence, we give in to the negatives promoted by the enemy. Everyone needs God’s grace and once received, one can gain wisdom to live the way life is meant to be lived.

Take some time to look back on life and write notes to your younger self. Here’s a video to inspire: Dear Younger Me by MercyMe. Take these notes to not only help provide a brighter path for your own future but to share with others so their future path is much brighter too!

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