Joyfully Take Possession of What God has Given

Much of the land promised to Moses many years ago had been secured by Joshua. Now in Joshua 16-19, we are told how the land would be distributed to the people as an inheritance.

Upon receiving their inheritance, the attitude of the tribe of Joseph was different from that of Caleb. Joseph and his family lacked the confidence to drive out the occupiers of the land they were given and they complained to Joshua about being given only one allotment. What we learn here, is that the people had a part to play in receiving their land as a reward. They had to be obedient, faithful, and courageous to earn it.

Fortunately for us today, our reward is the promise of the Holy Spirit if we joyfully take possession of what God has given ; the gift of the Holy Spirit by accepting Christ in our heart.

As we go through life, there is a part we play too and it’s important to take one step at a time, stay focused, and take care of the issues ahead. If we do, we can be like Caleb and his people as they daily set out to root out evil so the enemy was completely destroyed. We can seize every opportunity to accept God’s reward. In so doing, we find life, prosperity, and honor.

This day with You Lord, there are many lessons to learn from today’s reading of Your Word. These important lessons of being obedient and having a good attitude towards our work so we can give You all the glory are lessons we can use now. Help us to not only use these lessons now but also pass them on to future generations. In Jesus name. Amen. 

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