Prepared for Battle

Joshua had gained a great victories when God was with him like at Jericho but then found out that past victories do not guarantee future victories when a soldier disobeyed a command. God then turned away from the Israelites and the result was a defeat at Ai. Reading in Joshua 8, a plan was received by Joshua from God to attack Ai for a second time.

The plan was to set an ambush by sending some soldiers on the north side of the city while others were stationed on the west side. As the king of Ai and his soldiers went after Joshua’s soldiers on the north side of the city, Joshua’s soldiers on the west side advanced into the city, captured it, and set it on fire.

Joshua obtained this strategy for victory by listening to instructions from God. Victory came because God was with them and had set things up for them. The lesson for us is to pay attention to God so we are prepared for what challenges the world brings our way.

Israel gained this victory because Joshua had learned from his first blunder and decided to humbly follow God who gave him a second chance. After the victory, Joshua built an altar to the Lord. This day, let us also remember the victories and build a winning tradition by paying attention to God’s plan, setting out to follow the plan, and continuing to learn lessons throughout life.

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2 Responses to Prepared for Battle

  1. I am absolutely amazed at these studies on the book of Joshua, because I have been planning to write out studies on the same book as well, but have taken no decisive stand on beginning the quest. Thank you so much for these studies; they are beautiful, true and encouraging. God bless you for doing your part and following His instructions. 🙂

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