Step Ahead With Faith

Reading in Joshua 4, the Lord told Joshua to choose twelve from among the people and instructed them to gather twelve stones from the middle of the Jordan River (v. 3). These stone memorials became a reminder of what God had done to help them overcome difficulties. As with the people during the time of Joshua, there is peace for us in knowing God has provided in the past and will in the future.

When we face difficulty today, we can remember what God has done to bring us through. Only God can set the path and it is up to each of us to walk the path that leads to a victorious future. Each day can be amazing because He will uplift during difficulty and wash away every disappointment with love and joy. The type of joy that dissolves every sorrow and the type of love that eases the hurts of the past.

The timing in verse 18 indicates that God is in total control even when facing desperate times. For it is in desperate times that God leads us as we step ahead with faith. The type of faith that gives assurance in each moment that God is big enough to help us meet every challenge and bless with the strength to carry on.

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Lord, this day we may face some difficult challenges ahead but we have read about what You have done in the past and we have personal testimony of how you have pulled us through. We have many experiences to fall back on and many memories to share. We have a future to look forward to because we know that our dreams will come about in Your perfect timing. Amen.

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