Finish Strong

I just finished a study of 2 Thessalonians which is a letter written by Paul to clarify further his teaching about the second coming of Christ. This poem summarizes some of the main thoughts during the study.

Step Ahead

Get involved in the work
The Spirit has imparted
With wholehearted effort
To finish what was started.

Be ready for the call
By being worshipful;
Prompted by strong faith
And always being purposeful.

Use God’s great power
To turn your confusions
Into amazing results
With startling conclusions.

Help others love the Truth
By highlighting the good
And kind acts of people
Doing all they could.

Point out to unbelievers
God’s amazing splendor,
His awesome Creation
So to Him they surrender.

Being saved through
The sanctifying function
Of the Holy Spirit
And trinity conjunction.

Share in the amazing glory;
Stand on the firm foundation
Of God’s reliable principles
Provided for the duration.

By Mark Shields – © 02-17-2017
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