My Shepherd

Reading in Psalm 23, many phrases reveal David’s attitude toward God as a shepherd. He cares for our basic needs like food or water or our eternal needs with our soul. He guides us during dark times or in making tough decisions throughout life’s journey.

David’s attitude towards God was that we can have optimism because He is with us at all times; constantly making changes for the better. His goodness and mercy is with us not just some of the time but all of the time.

We all face dark valleys of distress, doubt, and disappointment but God lights our path so that our future is brighter. We can have confidence in the future because we are not alone to face the discouragement and there is never a sense of desertion because with God we are never alone. He protects us from our enemy and takes care of us. There are no more worries because God helps us and takes care of us. All we have to do is receive Jesus, go to God in prayer, and follow His guidance.

This day with You Lord, we believe You want us to have joy as we journey through life. We know that You provide rest in our busy activities, comfort in our fears, security in our danger, and provision in our needs. You are the Maker of more stars than we can count and can bless us with joyful moments that are more numerous than the stars. Amen.

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