Eyes on Him as we Arise and Shine

What is expressed in Psalm 10 is why there seems to be little concern in the minds of tyrants for those who they go after. The tyrants seem to feel confident that God will not come to the rescue of those being oppressed. David ask God to arise to show that He does not approve of the pride and rebellion of the tyrant.

David is confident that his prayer for help is being heard and that God would arise to defend those against tyranny. Let us also be confident and remember the events of the Cross. Let us not take vengeance but be patient and keep in mind that after that Friday when Jesus was hung on the Cross, Sunday came and with Easter, there was victory.

At times, we may feel the same way as David did as expressed in today’s reading but know that God is always concerned and constantly working to set up the right outcome up for His people. He will make sure the right thing is done at the right time.

Just think of the events over the past year. People that don’t believe a certain way around the world are targeted in terror attacks and our own leaders don’t seem to have a clue what to do. Our freedoms seem to be eroding before our eyes as more power is given to oppressive groups who are intolerant of any view except their own. The media is against those who want to run their business with Christian principles. Places of business face being bullied by the IRS or the EPA.

This day with You Lord, we all have a story to tell about how we have needed You. Sometimes we got an immediate answer. Other times, we continued to cry out but You were setting things up and we got taught a lesson in patience. What You give in a plan for life is a treasure and the more we lose ourselves in this plan, the more passion we have. Lord, we need You now and we wait patiently as You set up things for the perfect outcome.

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