Victory Over Enemies

David won victory over his enemies. In the opening verses of Psalm 9, he says he will give thanks to the Lord with all his heart; he will tell of His wonderful deeds. David also said he will be glad and rejoice in the Lord; singing praises to His name.

God was with David but not his enemies. Their experience was destruction, displacement, and the memory of them would perish. Therefore, the reason we praise God is because He reigns forever. He rules with righteousness and judges with equity. He never forgets the needy and the hope of the afflicted never perishes.

The truth is that God is big enough and has given us all potential for victory. Our enemies in society today may consist of things like the breakup of the family unit, drugs, a culture in decline, or an economy that doesn’t benefit those in need. Our enemies are limited but God is unlimited. The ultimate lift to any day is knowing that the future is bright because of the reward God has for all that believe in His Son. Why not begin each day with this thought?

Each morning, we have a new start and as we get ready for each day, take a look in the mirror and put on your game face. It’s a battle to be a player in communities that need help with leadership to win the victory over the things that go counter to success like the things I mentioned above.

In times of trouble, we can be assured that God will never leave us alone to take on the challenges ahead so let us give thanks. This day with You Lord, we praise You and tell others of Your greatness. Also, we give praise to those who help us in life. We pray today that the seeds of praise we plant will grow and a harvest will come soon. Amen.

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