Go to Him in Prayer Early in the Morning

The prayer by David in Psalm 5 is made in the morning. He expects answers from the prayer because of His close relationship with God. He has confidence in God’s favor and protection from the evil-doers who lie, are filled with malice, and have rebelled against God. They should anticipate judgment from God but those who take refuge in God should be glad and full of joy as they look to the future.

Have you ever worked for a solution to an issue for days and you finally decide to pray about it? Then bam! A thought flashes in your mind; an idea to try. You try it and it works. That’s what prayer does for us. It gives us the opportunity to speak to the ONE who has all the answers. The ONE who gives the best thought or plan for life that is more valuable than a treasure. Like David, even if under great distress, let us approach God with confidence that He will answer our prayer.

This day with You Lord, we come before You in prayer. There are many things that need to be done but with You Lord we have great expectation. We can see before us many challenges and we ask that You give us instructions to meet these challenges. We ask that You make these instructions clear so that we can follow with precision. Give us the desire to carry these instructions out through our actions and give us faith that positive conclusions will be fulfilled this day. Amen!

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