Of Most Importance is Jesus in Our Heart

A crowd of many thousand people gathered around Jesus in Luke 12:1-12. He warns His disciples against the hypocrisy of the Pharisees who try to impress others but are not living the life they talk about.

Jesus mentions fear five times in these verses as the main cause of hypocrisy. The fear of what others think of us, say about us, or do to us. He explains that hypocrisy is futile because eventually the truth will come out. Jesus explains that God knows everything; even the number of hairs on our head.

Jesus encourages the disciples by telling them how valuable each one of them is and not to worry about defending themselves or what to say because the Holy Spirit will provide what is needed.

This day with God, know that prayer is our greatest power because we receive direction and guidance that we can put in practice. Keep in mind that we can have courage to step ahead because God is with us. We can confess our sin and accept Christ; relying on the Holy Spirit to inspire a bold and persuasive witness. Being assured of a secure future with protection and a guaranteed eternal destiny.

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