Rally Strength with Spiritual Food for the Soul

In Genesis 48, Jacob became ill so Joseph took his two sons to see his father. While there, Jacob rallies his strength to bless his grandchildren Ephraim and Manasseh. Jacob talks about his life; summing it up as one in which he wanted to let God guide him and be a blessing to others. He is now looking back on his life and sees how God was always with him and also looking forward; desiring to pass on this guidance from God to future generations.

Jacob looks at his present circumstances – politically, socially, and personally in light of God’s announced plans. Many times, God’s plans are not always what is expected. His ways are superior to our ways. He works in unconventional ways at times so when we notice someone doing something a little different, let us not always think we have to change them. They may be the way they are for a reason. They may be that way in order to fulfill one of God’s great purposes.

So, what we learn about God in today’s passage is that His plans do not always line up with our plans. In looking back on my own life, my mom struggled to fight cancer nine years ago. What gave her hope and a desire to defeat the disease was to see her grandchildren grow into adulthood; to attend their graduations, their marriages and even perhaps be there at the birth of their children. As with my mom who lost her struggle with the disease, many things in life do not turn out like we wished but we must maintain the thought that God’s plans are far superior to our own.

This day with God, let us trust and obey. His Word will provide food for the mind and His Son will provide light for our understanding. Sometimes it rains on our dreams but then He provides music for our ears, laughter for our souls, and a rainbow after the storm. So let Him take us away on this beautiful day. Let us create and store up great memories that last forever to help in times of worry or anger. Let us reminisce about good times or an old song that fills our thoughts with peace and joy.

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