Discover the Skills or Qualities You are Blessed With

Reading in Genesis 47, Joseph’s brothers and his father came to live in Egypt because the famine was so severe. Jacob was 130 years old and explained to Pharaoh that he had lived a difficult life. They were allowed to settle in the land called Goshen; the most fertile area of Egypt. There, they could raise their livestock.

The famine persisted and the people paid Joseph for the grain he had stored up before the famine. After they ran out of money, Joseph accepted their livestock as payment for their food. When their money and livestock was gone, Joseph accepted their land as payment.

As manager, Joseph made Pharaoh extremely wealthy. Since he planned for the famine and stored up food, the people had to sell their land and a fifth of the produce in the future in order to purchase the food they needed to survive. Pharaoh became owner of all the land except the land of the priests.

Like Joseph, we can use our strengths in our vocation and everyday duties. We can go to God in prayer, receive the directions we need, and carry them out. Also, we can be a blessing to others like Jacob was when he blessed Pharaoh.

Jacob lived in Egypt for seventeen years and when it came time for his death, he requested that he be buried back in his homeland of Canaan. There is a calmness when we accept our lot in life, let go, and put God in control.

This day with You God, we put You in control. There is strength in Your promise of an eternal future with You. Our greatest strength is in being who we are; Your precious child. Because of this, we have unlimited potential. Use us today to fulfill this potential and serve You. Amen.

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