Journey through Life with Respect

Reading in Genesis 43, the famine was still severe in the land so Jacob started planning for his sons to take a second trip to Egypt to get more food. Jacob was concerned about sending Benjamin because he was his favorite; the only son he thought was still living from his wife Racheal.

During this time, God was dealing with Jacob and the past mistake of giving favoritism to Joseph many years ago. The family became dysfunctional as his brothers were jealous and resentful toward Joseph and this ultimately provoked them to sell Joseph as a slave. They told their father the lie that a wild animal had devoured him.

As the years went by, Joseph was blessed by God to rise up from being a slave all the way up to being second-in-command in all of Egypt. He could explain dreams and he used this gift from God to rise up the ranks. After interpreting a dream of the Pharoah, Joseph provided information about an impending famine and gave plans to his boss on how best this famine should be managed.

During the famine, Joseph’s brothers needed help and Joseph was willing to give it to them. They were respectful to each other and Joseph invites his brothers to dinner. He shows respect to the Egyptian custom of serving Hebrews separately and his brothers show respect to Joseph by humbly giving gifts.

Here are some important points from today’s passage that we can apply in our life:

  • Spend time with God in prayer
  • Make your time with God a priority
  • Always be straight forward and truthful otherwise many will no longer trust and it is very hard to get it back
  • Respect and adopt the customs and values of where you are
  • Learn to forgive others, celebrate their successes, and wish the best for them

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Lord, as we go through life, let us always remember that You are the Creator of the universe which has over 100 billion galaxies with each galaxy having billions of stars. This day with You we understand how big You are and what You have created but it is Your people that are Your greatest creation of all.

Lord … the world was not built for famine. You built the world so that we would flourish and have abundance but the problem is that past generations did not put You as first priority. Today, we want this attitude to change. Help us to be a part of the new direction where You are the number one priority. We know there can be abundance because that’s how you built the world in which we live and the people in which You have put in charge of its vast resources. Amen!

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