Dream Coming to Fruition

There had been seven years of abundance and now there was famine even in Canaan. Joseph’s father Jacob learned about the grain in Egypt that was being sold so he told ten of his sons to go to Egypt and buy some grain. Benjamin, the youngest and the only son he thought still alive from his wife Rachel was to stay at home because Joseph didn’t want anything to happen to him.

Reading in Genesis 42, Joseph was the governor of the land who sold the grain to all its people (v. 6). Even though it had been about twenty years since Joseph had seen his brothers, he recognized them but they did not recognize him so he pretended to be a stranger.

Joseph tested his brothers by accusing them of being spies and putting them in prison for three days. He then told his brothers that he would keep one of them in prison and let the others carry the food to their families. He kept Simeon in prison and told them to bring back their younger brother Benjamin.

While in prison, they had a chance to discuss the past and the guilt this had caused the family all these years because of what they did to their brother Joseph (VV. 21-22). Remember … Reuben is the brother who saved Joseph’s life when the other brothers wanted to kill him. He had suggested throwing Joseph into the cistern in the wilderness but planned on rescuing Joseph. Unfortunately, his brothers sold Joseph before he could rescue him.

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God works through His people so as you pray each day, ask what it is that God would like you to do. Prayer is our greatest power because we are speaking to the ONE who already has the answer. This day with God, put His plan into practice by planning out the priorities of the day so that steps are taken to fulfill your destiny. Like in today’s passage, dream about the future and take action to prepare. Then every detail can be mapped out so actions can be taken and your dream can come to fruition.

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  1. Andy Oldham says:

    Good Post my friend!

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