See, Believe, and Achieve

As we wrap up this year and look forward to next year, here is the ninth post from the “God’s Plan for Us” series written a few years ago. What do you remember about a teacher, coach, mentor, parent, grandparent, pastor, or Sunday school teacher that has made a difference in your life? In this writing, I share about a talk I still remember from my high school baseball coach many years ago.

Step Ahead

Being able to create in your mind where you would like to go or what you would like to do can turn a dream into active plans that will help make it come true. The beginning to planning and taking action starts with sharp and clear pictures of each step, each obstacle, each solution, and each character trait needed. In a way, creating in your mind a picture of what you aspire to do moves the future into the present. A person is not surprised when it comes true because they’ve already seen and experienced it in their dreams.

I’m reminded of a story a high school baseball coach told his team the day before a tournament. It was a story of a person who was not well. The person was bed ridden for several weeks and since he loved playing golf, decided to rest in his bed dreaming about…

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    Thank you for blessings my soul and our ministry in this past year. May you be filled with much love, joy and peace during this coming season. Happy New Year My Friend.

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