Deep Respect

The ministry of Jesus is not one-sided as the scene in Luke 7:36-50 explains. In this scene, we have a Pharisee who invites Jesus over for dinner. Jesus is always open to invitations and even though Jesus knew that the Pharisees were against His ministry, He also knew that they needed to hear the Word just as much as anyone else.

Also in this scene, is a woman who was known to have lived a sinful life coming over to the Pharisee’s house with an alabaster jar of perfume. She was weeping and began to wet the feet of Jesus with her tears. Then she used her hair to wipe His feet and she anointed His feet with perfume.

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During this time in history, a Jewish women letting down her hair in public was a disgrace. Simon the Pharisee must have been embarrassed and Jesus knew the thoughts of Simon so He shared a parable to explain how it is not the amount of sin that makes a person spiritually bankrupt but it is just the fact that there is any sin at all. Jesus explains that Simon was guilty of the sin of pride and the woman was guilty of the sins of the flesh.

Jesus explained that the woman repented of her sins and put her faith in Him. Kissing the feet of a teacher was a sign of deep respect. Jesus went on to explain that the Pharisees refused to admit their sin and believed only God could forgive them. They could not understand how Jesus could make the statement that the woman’s sins were forgiven (vv. 43-50). They didn’t understand that Jesus was God.

This day with God, we can show the same attitude toward others as Jesus did by giving them deep respect. We can see potential in each other. There is a reward for all who are open, humble, and loving. Lord, help us to be motivated to action by our deep respect of You and the desire to help others accept Your love.

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