God is Great and Gracious

David has a good relationship with God as explained in Psalm 145 giving praise with confidence that he will be with God for eternity (v. 2). David writes that God is worthy of praise because of His characteristics like compassion, love, good works, trustworthiness, and righteousness. David says people respond to God’s characteristics with praise in various ways; by telling others, by praying, and celebrating in song.

David points out that God’s people, His promises, His Creation will praise Him. This Psalm of praise should make a difference in the way we look at others. We should see them as being loved by God and want the best for them. We should help others be the best person they can and allow for their abilities to shine brightly so others can see the light.

God is the sustainer of the universe as He looks on and provides the needs of every living thing; taking a special interest in those who call on Him in truth, those who fear Him, and those who love Him. David’s response is to praise the Lord forever and ever (v21) and we should do the same.

This day with God will be amazing;
So let us show our enthusiasm;
He inspires us to live out loud;
So come along and join the crowd.

Let us pray and listen for instruction;
So we can get things done without obstruction;
Giving God our best is a big plus;
Opportunities are waiting in front of us.

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3 Responses to God is Great and Gracious

  1. altruistico says:

    Amen, my brother in Christ.

    May the God of Abraham, Isaac and Jacob bless and keep you and yours.


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