Who Rules the Future

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Having seen in a dream that the Messiah is the ONE with ultimate authority, in a second dream as explained in Daniel 8, the revelation given to Daniel is of the rulers of the future. The ram with horns is a symbol of the Media-Persia Empire conquering other lands. The goat is thought to be Greece and the horn Alexander-the-Great which then becomes the next empire of the world.

The dream is telling Daniel that when the world is in complete turmoil, an anti-Christ will try to take over but in the end, Christ will return to rule. Daniel was worn out after God had shown him the future. Trying to understand the vision was a humbling experience for Daniel because only God has all the answers and we are totally dependent on Him. As we go on the journey of life, know that God has all the answers and it is up to each of us to do our best at asking the questions, seeking the answers, and being teachable.

God’s way and thoughts are far greater than our own. He can see the beginning and the end so a take away for me in today’s passage is to trust His advice which leads to traveling the perfect path.

This day with You Lord, we ask for Your advice. Help us to understand that good leaders are also good listeners and at one time excellent followers.

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3 Responses to Who Rules the Future

  1. Great thought. I am constantly fighting my penchant for putting God in a box of my own design rather than letting Him be God who is beyond anything and everything that I can possibly comprehend.

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