The Best Way to Live

Suggestions about how to best live are brought out in Ecclesiastes 11. We are to live with passion and act out of love with little concern for receiving anything in return. Jesus fulfilled His mission with passion and this should motivate us to fulfill our purpose in life with passion. What really matters is not the outlook but the up look and spending each day with God; working together and living one day at a time with passion.

We should do all we can in the present because we do not know the future. Be careful to go to God in prayer each day with thanksgiving; making a choice to be happy and taking on difficulty with the attitude that tomorrow is a clean slate. There is so much good to be done but we have to go out on a limb to get the fruit and we have only a certain amount of time to get it done.

It is good to start the habit of going to God each day in an organized lifelong study along with prayer. Even though a young person has more time to grow, a person can start at any age the habit of going to their Holy place and growing each day. At any age, they can start following God’s way and being attentive to His directions. At any age, they can pray and look up to receive the “Green” light to go about fulfilling their purpose.

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This day with God, we can explore, dream, and discover.
We don’t have to be disappointed by the things we didn’t do.
We can get away from the comfort zone and sail away
With confidence knowing He will pull us through!

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8 Responses to The Best Way to Live

  1. Tom Bolton says:

    Mark, thank you for your faithful discipline in maintaining this lesson each day!


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