The Results of Unity

In Psalm 133-134, unity is described like oil that is poured over the head because its influence spreads. God wants unity but Satan works to make sure it doesn’t exist. In verse 3 of Psalm 133, unity is described as dew. Where rainfall is not plentiful, dew can provide the moisture needed. It makes up the difference little by little but persistently and cumulatively produces the moisture that rain would otherwise provide. It also softens the ground similar to softening a heart to receive the good seed of the Word.

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Unity has the same effect on Christianity. Its influence spreads over the body with attitudes of kindness, love, goodness, and faithfulness. The members of the body receive what is needed for growth and yield. I remember just getting out of college and moving to Waco Texas. I began attending a Singles Sunday school class and Bible study; meeting many friends during that time who I continue to stay in touch with. Also, there were several marriages that occurred from that group since it was a great place to meet Christians from the opposite sex.

Christians that stand together become strong enough to cause the enemy to have second thoughts. If you try to break one stick, it’s easy but three or four sticks together are hard to break. The same principle works in suspension bridges as one strand of wire is easy to break but many stranded together form a cable that is strong enough to support a bridge.

In this reading, the psalmist desires that people work together to glorify the Lord. As a community of faith, it’s neat to see us all working together to provide food for the soul. When someone comes to me with questions about life and about God, one of you may be a better fit than me to help that person understand. I can always give them the link to your blog to help them understand. It’s good to know I don’t have to do it alone and there is a team working together to bring others to Christ.

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4 Responses to The Results of Unity

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  2. That’s so true. I often post a link to someone else’s blog. Unity…love it!



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