Giving God Our Best

Most of the people during the time of 1 Chronicles 7-9 worked in agriculture but some were also soldiers, guards, and some worked for the house of the Lord like the Levites. Our God is a God of order and when everyone understands they have a duty and makes a business of it, the work will likely be done well. Every day can be an adventure if you have a zest for what you do and do it to glorify God. If you are washing dishes, repairing a machine, selling a product, growing a crop, raising a family; whatever your role is at the time, praise God and give glory to Him while you fulfill that role.

Think about things you could change now like slowing down a little, considering the needs of others, or making a difference in your community. Maybe show more appreciation to those that have helped over the years or be less angry when things don’t work out exactly as planned. Maybe work harder to make sure others are shown respect or wear a smile when you meet others. Each step of each day can be lived enthusiastically for God’s glory.

You’ve heard of the saying “Nice Guys Finish Last”. Well, a study was done which found
just the opposite. Nice guys finish first because this study found that being kind provides a climate which leads individuals to maximize their potential. It’s like a sprinter running on aBible Study fast track with a slight breeze pushing them to break the record. Everything runs more effectively and more efficiently when emphasis is put into making others happy or providing customer service. Examples are found in business, politics, and in communities everywhere.

If you look at a grave marker, you will either see a dash or a space that separates the birth date and the death date. At a funeral, these dates are always mentioned but it’s the dash or space between the dates that really matters. The loved ones of those being memorialized know what that dash or space means. It’s not the cars, the house, the cash but how they lived.

As we live out this day with God, let us be inspired by Him to spend our dash in an enthusiastic way. We can pray, listen for instructions, and get things done now. Opportunities to do great things are right in front of us so let’s give God our best.

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5 Responses to Giving God Our Best

  1. My Tropical Home says:

    Mark, excellent and uplifting words you shared today. It is good to be reminded to pursue excellence in all that we do for His glory…and that He will be the one to help us finish the work. Whether we finish first or last shouldn’t matter. What’s important is that we heard the call, do the work as for the Lord and leave the results in His hands.
    Thanks so much for the insights shared.


  2. Tom Bolton says:

    Mark, thanks for this excellent lesson today. i am really appreciating your writing on 1 Chronicles.


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