Patience and Prayer


patience (Photo credit: I am marlon)

During difficult times, there is the need for calmness and poise. We may be in a hurry but God isn’t. God measures time very differently than we do. A lifetime is like hours for God. What we do in life may not seem to bear much fruit but as long as we do God’s will, we can claim victory. The work that is done now may not come to fruition until future generations. As long as we stay in God’s will, the reward for us is a crown of glory.

There is no need to worry over things we can’t control. Patience allows us to wait on the Lord so things will be worked out the best way possible. Impatience only causes worry over the things we can’t control. If we try to finish outside of God’s timing, a lack of poise sets in and makes things even worse.

Reading in James 5:7-12, we are reminded of Job who showed us patience while enduring difficulties (v. 11). He went through misery yet gave us a good example of the benefits of patience. Through it all, he passed the test because he continued to trust in God. The lesson for us is to be patient, be in awe of God, and be sincere in what we say and do (v. 12).

One blogger I read often, Pastor Mike Says wrote the following in a post. “If we trust in the Lord, we will never fail to bear fruit. Sometimes we want to live the easy life in the shade but that’s when we get no light and we can’t grow. Like pruning a vine, we have to cut out those things in our life that might cause us to veer from the light of God’s will for us”.

This day with God will be amazing because we can pray for direction, accept that patience is needed, and surrender all to Him.

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