Saving Grace

In reading Malachi 3:1-12, there is prophecy of the coming Lord to reform and refine society. During the time of Malachi, there is social injustice that needs to be corrected like mistreatment of workers, oppression of widows and the fatherless, deprived aliens, and adultery.

To correct the problems of society at that time, God tells Malachi to put forth the idea of giving God what He is due with tithes and offerings. In return, God will return blessings like good crops. What is involved in returning to God today?Faith

Every individual has tremendous value to God for His saving grace in Christ gives a new
start. Let this inspire generosity to those in need with time and resources. Expect God to bless in return.

As a part of your prayer today, pray for fairness throughout the world. Believe this day with God will be amazing because everyone has tremendous value. Lay all burdens down at the foot of the cross.

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4 Responses to Saving Grace

  1. Tom Bolton says:

    Amen! I pray for justice and compassion throughout our communities today.


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