Making a Stand

Malachi prophesied around 450 BC in Israel in the closing period of Old Testament history. He gives a graphic picture of the need for reforms in preparation for the coming of the Messiah.

As I begin my journey into Malachi 1-2, the Israelites had returned from Babylonian exile, Jerusalem had been rebuilt, and the temple restored but years went by and sin has crept in. They began to question the reward from being righteous since they felt God had not blessed them with prosperity. They didn’t appreciate how God had helped them and became careless in worship by placing defiled food on His altar (v. 7).

Like the Israelites during the time of Malachi, we have a tendency to undervalue God’s mercy and excuse our own offences. We should enthusiastically worship God and not hold back. We should make a stand against evil and fight for goodness. Here’s speech to inspire: Finest Hour – Winston Churchill.

Are there things in your life that are like the blemished sacrifices that are talked about in this reading? Do you simply go through the motions or do you make a difference in people’s life? We should strive to be honest with ourselves so we don’t limit God’s power but diagnose problem areas in life where we fall short. God’s power can change where we need to change and new habits can be established that make us into the person God wants us to be.

This day with God will be amazing because with Him is freedom. With Him is the freedom to live, give, and love; the freedom to speak and teach so that a clear path is laid out for others to follow.

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2 Responses to Making a Stand

  1. Hello Mark! This quote jumps out at me: “Like the Israelite during the time of Malachi, we have a tendency to undervalue God’s mercy and excuse our own offences”. I had just finish reading a post that talks about how we normalize God and put Him in a box. Both scenarios go hand in hand.

    Thanks so much for sharing. God blesses.


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