You Are His Cherished Child

God delivers His people so we can take courage and look to a bright future because we will have the advantage and our enemies will be burdened. Some of the events as prophesized in Zechariah 12:1-13:6 have already taken place.

The man who was pierced on Good Friday is our Savior. We mourn that He had to die on the cross for our sins. The world was a broken place but Christ began the process to fix the problem. Once someone repents and accepts Christ as captain of their salvation, faith begins to show up in who they are and what they do because the Spirit flows from God to them.

There are fears that keep us from fulfilling the mission God has made us to accomplish which is to tell others the Good News. Let us pray for courage and everything good so there is a day when every trace of idol worship is eliminated, all false prophets are non-existent, and unclean Spirits that inspire them are removed. Let us continue to look forward to that day.

Detail of a painting by Pedro Berruguete (c. 1...

Detail of a painting by Pedro Berruguete (c. 1450 – 1504) showing Jesus in the Garden of Gethsemane. (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

Butch Dean, one of my blogging friends has written about the prayer of Jesus at this link. He writes that the greatest prayer we can pray is not as I will, but as God will. Jesus prayed this prayer just before He went to His death on the cross. Because of Christ, God is with us and the Spirit will make sure everything is in place for our final victory.

It is God that gives confidence and strength for us to face each day. Saying no when necessary, doing what’s right, and facing the truth. We have the weapon of prayer which is a power greater than we can phantom. Like a picture of a scoreboard in a sporting event when our team has won, the Bible displays a picture of victory. We can count on God because of the Helper.

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6 Responses to You Are His Cherished Child

  1. graciehill48 says:

    taken from my post this am: “…with the presence of God’s Holy Spirit living in each believer who has been to the cross of Christ, accepted His gift of forgiveness and life; the same should be said of us all. The power received is an overcoming power and enables us to walk in faith and excellence as Daniel did. …” We can because He did.


  2. Tom Bolton says:

    Reblogged this on Hopeful and commented:
    This is a really good message on Zechariah.


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