Hope In Jesus

Isaac Newton apple tree, Babson College, 231 F...

Isaac Newton apple tree, Babson College, 231 Forest Street, Wellesley, Massachusetts, USA. (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

The psalmist describes his dire situation in Psalm 102. He’s alone, he is skin and bones, and his days are vanishing like smoke. Emotionally, he’s taunted by his enemies; believing God has afflicted him with his position in life with no hope as his life withers away.

In contrast, he characterizes God as being constant and forever; a compassionate God of mercy who will release the poor captives out of Babylon and from the chains of sin and eternal destruction.

Bad days turn into good days with God. Was Isaac Newton having a bad day when he was simply trying to catch up on lost sleep under the apple tree pictured above? The apple conked him upside the head. He could’ve just chalked it up as another bad day. Instead, the occasion sparked an idea about gravity and what we know today as the Universal Law of Gravitation.

This scientific law from Newton set in motion our ability to communicate to others around the world. Satellites are put in orbit because they are projected so high and then when they start to fall they never reach the ground again because the earth is shaped as a sphere which is curving away from the falling object. Thus, the satellite stays in orbit high above the earth.

What we know today about God’s universal law of life is that Jesus has set in motion our ability to have new life. We can be having a bad day and think there is no hope but one thought about our hope in Jesus switches our outlook in a split second from one of despair to one that leads to new discoveries, new joys, and new hopes.

Because Jesus lives, we live also. God releases us from our bondage; giving us an Advocate so we receive grace and are not under the law. He shows favor to His people and will continue to build up the universal church.

This day with God will be amazing because even in times where we might think there is no hope, we can still dream and believe because God’s grace keeps flowing like a never ending stream.

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8 Responses to Hope In Jesus

  1. pjgracecommunity says:

    It’s amazing what we see when God reframed the picture, thanks for the encouragement mark!


  2. I enjoyed reading this! Great job…


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  4. janiese says:

    Wow……brilliant! God gave you revelation on the apple falling from the tree onto his head. I love the fact that he didn’t count it as a bad day. Amen! Thanks for sharing.


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