Effect of God’s Presence

As explained in Psalm 97, God’s presence has an effect on nature; the earth is glad, clouds surround Him, fire goes before Him, His lightening lights up the world, the mountains melt like wax. For His people, they see how big He is and what seemed impossible becomes possible.

Those that Love God are guarded and delivered from evil as the Light shines on them to direct their path so there is rejoicing and praise. There are difficult times in this life as we face trials with things like sickness, lack of work, marriages that do not work out, and relationships that become broken but God can turn things around; He’s big enough to help us go through these and come out new and improved.

With Christ as King, there is counsel that delivers us out of the hands of despair and into the hands of His heavenly kingdom. The source of joy flows into our soul to clean and purify.

Today, I pray that God leads us where we didn’t expect to go and shapes us in ways we didn’t think could be shaped. This day with God will be an amazing because nothing can hold us up and one day at a time the impossible will become possible.

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