Momentum to Victory

Within Psalm 95 is enumerated the aspects of God which make Him praiseworthy. He is Supreme King, Creator, and Shepherd of His people. All things belong to Him and are under His control. We are not to neglect lessons learned but remember His great power displayed throughout history, praise Him, and obey His instructions. We are to hear God’s voice and not harden our hearts as the Israelites did in the wilderness or we fall short of the rewards He has for us. Instead praise God and lift each other up in prayer.

One of my blogging buddies wrote a prayer of blessing for his readers at this link. Thanks Noel for your blessing. Let us value the blessings God gives and hold them dear; using the momentum to keep our faith strong, our hope firm, and our love overflowing.

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4 Responses to Momentum to Victory

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  2. graciehill48 says:

    You say:Instead praise God and lift each other up in prayer. This is an act of love. God bless.


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