Angels are Nearer Than We Think

In Gen. 24:40, Ex 23:20 and in today’s passage Psalm 91, it is written that God sends angels to guide and guard believers. The prerequisite is to choose to believe and accept God’s love in our Redeemer’s name. By prayer, we can constantly call upon God to help with the purpose for which we are called. We can rest assured that there will be satisfaction with life and an eagerness for even greater satisfaction in heaven.

What is needed is the courage to get honest with God about our downfalls and ask for cleansing in Jesus Christ who gives freedom. An idea may be to make a list of our fears or troubles for which we can pray and trust in God for deliverance.

The fears that keep us from fulfilling the mission God has for us can be overcome. We can have the courage to tell others the Good News. This Day with God will be amazing because He is like a mountain; standing rock solid over time and protecting us in our time of need. We can take courage, for God is there for us.

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