Make Minutes Count

After reading Psalm 90 and writing in yesterday’s post, the main thought for me was that I need to make the minutes count. I need to spend time thinking of ideas to use my time wisely and make sure that every spare moment is meaningful for the future. My hope is that if I continuously improve this habit, spare moments will turn into treasures of a useful life.

As I read in the Bible, there are principles that can be applied to life. In considering the reading of Psalm 90, making better use of time is one lesson learned. If we use our time wisely, there is more to spend with those we love. I found this video that communicates this idea of making the minutes count: Cinderella – Steven Curtis Chapman.

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3 Responses to Make Minutes Count

  1. Planting Potatoes says:

    such words of wisdom….! Great song too! Thanks for sharing both!


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