Leading Out of Love

Many know the right thing to do but it’s hard to follow through. Great leaders get across to good people that doing what’s right is worth the time and effort. I wrote in the post yesterday about how Nehemiah was able to stay on course so the right thing was done. We need leaders like Nehemiah so I pray for leadership across the world today; for families, for decisions being made at work places, and for communities.

My hope is that this video: Lead Me To The Cross – Hillsong will give you a lift today.

For a Christian, being a great leader begins by being led to the cross were God’s love poured out and getting across to good people the need to have God’s heart. Another part of leadership is being humbled by the fact that it’s not about me but about a brighter future for all and it’s worth the time and effort to lead others out of love and do what’s right.

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