Boldly Stepping Ahead

Nehemiah took the initiative to talk to the king about his grief toward the condition of Jerusalem. Reading in Nehemiah 2, he prays before talking to the king about his wish to rebuild the city. After praying, Nehemiah’s next step was to get the kings approval and then for the king to tell others so authority would be granted.

Nehemiah received his plan from God. We should also go to God in prayer for the master plan. There are plans God will put in your heart when you seek to do good for the people around you; your family, your neighbors, or the people you work with. When He does, be attentive to the thoughts and images that come to mind. Make notes and keep track of progress so that at the end of the successful journey, details are easily retrievable for teaching others.

The request of Nehemiah was right, the timing was right, and God said “Go”. This day with God, let us seek to do the same in our good works.

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