Envisioning the Possibilities – Ezekiel 40

Leading up to the vision given in Ezekiel 40, the homeland of the Israelites had been destroyed and they’ve gone through years of exile. Healing needs to take place but what can start this process?  Vision and dreams can help get started in the right direction but it is taking action that restores and builds. Momentum is gained by envisioning the possibilities and looking forward to what God will do; for a nation, a community, a family, or to as individuals.

The newly hopeful exiles have questions which arise about how the new society will be constructed in its worship, culture and government. In any healing process, prayer is so important and prayers for a place of worship is a good start to the healing process; giving hope to many.

Even today, in our own society, there are broken homes, broken jobs, issues with heath care and the economy but all things work out for those that believe in the Lord. God will bless if there is prayer, if there is encouragement, and if more and more become a part of God’s healing process. May you be blessed by this video: Blessings – Laura Story.

This day with God, think about your neighborhood, community, and nation. See in your mind a preferred future and envision the possibilities. In part of your prayer today, ask God for insight into how you can play your part and the plans He has in your life to make a difference.

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  1. What a sound perspective in this song! Great post!


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