Wanting God’s Help – Ezekiel 38

If we ask for God’s help to fulfill His purpose, will He give good visions, dreams, and plans? He did for Ezekiel and if He does for you, cherish them because they will be the blueprints to follow as you do His great work.   

Here is a link to a piano piece: In The Garden: Norm Hastings, Piano. Click this link if you wish as you read the rest of this post to help with focus and reflection.

After reading in Ezekiel 38, I’m continuing to think of Israel or God’s people as today’s universal church. It is foretold that the enemies of the church will unite as one; they will be organized, formidable, and have destruction as their main objective.

But we can be encouraged by the rest of what the Bible says and the history we know. With God, it doesn’t matter how frightening the enemy is because He is in control and will defeat them. He will deal with any situation because His weapons are greater than any man-made weapon.

My Pastor where I worship said once that if the things of God are your treasure, then you have all things. What drives us toward God? Why do we not ask Him more often for help? Think of the possibilities if we went to Him more. This day with God, let us pray that we are with Him and that we work hard to make sure His name is glorified.

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