Psalm 81 – 83 Questions for Reflection

Share with us those amazing moments of your past or present by responding with a short note or a comment about any of these questions below.  Also, share with us any favorite inspirational videos, photos, sermon thoughts, or favorite Bible verses.

Psalm 81
Passage Lookup

What does the fact that God schedules times of joy (there are many more feast days than fast days) tell you about God and the kind of life he wants you to live? What does God promise if Israel will listen to him? 

Psalm 82
Passage Lookup

What is the charge? The command? To whom have they shown partiality (see verse Lev. 19:15). Are you concerned enough about injustice to call on God to judge the earth or do you just talk about it with other people?

Psalm 83
Passage Lookup

On what basis does the psalmist call for help? What is the psalmist’s ultimate reason for calling down God’s judgments on the opposition? Is your motivation for judgment that of verse 18? Why?


Why put off living?  Instead of dreaming of some magical day in the future, enjoy the amazing things that happen right now by spending this day with God!

Resources and Supplementary Helps Used in Posts
First United Methodist Waco Podcast
Christ Notes
Adeney, Carol. This Morning with God. Downer Grove Illinois: InterVarsity Press, 1978

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